Orbin, the innovative home composting bin !

The Orbin team has been extremely enthusiastic about encouraging and facilitating household based composting system which can undoubtedly address the issue of wet waste generated at source. Orbin introduces a brilliant opportunity for its users to contribute in the sustainable management of Organic wet waste. Resulting in diverting food waste from the landfill – approximately 2/3 of a community’s waste stream is Organic.

Our Assurance

When organic materials decompose in the presence of oxygen, the process is called “aerobic.” In ORBIN this process is obtained by use of a composting accelerator called Orbin Composting Accelerator which is specially formulated for a hassle free composting experience.

During composting some energy is released in the form of heat. ORBIN has been designed very thoughtfully to deal this problem with provision of well aerated top lid. Aerobic oxidation of organic matter produces no objectionable odor. Our everyday waste generated by households hold around 70-80 % moisture, providing the required moisture essential for microbial activity. A dry compost will not decompose efficiently. Proper moisture encourages the growth of microorganisms that break down the organic matter into humus.


Our Goal

Our goal is to enable every urban household to unlock the value of the kitchen waste generated every day, by way of easy composting. The best way to solve the garbage crisis is segregation of waste at source. When each household is able to manage their bio-waste, the non-biodegradable waste can be recycled. The best way to handle organic waste is in small scales, and Orbin allows you to do this with ease.

We have worked hard to design and develop such a product which would encourage everyone towards composting and more interestingly, without any hassle !

Our Team

Anjana Iyer has over twenty years of experience in civic and environmental issues with special focus on solid waste management.

She was local coordinator for the Dutch based Urban Waste Expertise Program (UWEP) of the Netherlands and has also managed a number of community based programs in solid waste management in Bangalore.

Anjana Iyer

A counselor, life-skill trainer and a passionate believer in organic farming and environmental sustainability, Mrinal Rao has many years of experience in small scale organic farming and marketing initiatives.

Mrinal Rao

Armed with a MSc in Botany and Ph.D in Environmental Science, his area of specialization is Natural Resource Management, Organic Agriculture and Solid Waste Management.

Dr. Cherian