Bangalore has no space for it’s garbage

11 April 2016

The garbage crisis in Bangalore gets out of hand, and we are far from finding a useful solution. The villages around us loose their tolerance towards taking any more of our smelly waste. Maybe this problem wouldn’t exist if we could compost all our wet waste.

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So much Compost ! But what's the use ?

12 April 2016

If you have even a single outdoor plant or tree, you have use for home composting as a soil amendment. But perhaps you're having trouble finding a use for all of your compost with limited space. Here are a few ideas of what you can do with your extra compost:

  • Replant any potted houseplants (these need to be repotted every few years anyway)
  • Use it on the plants around your apartment complex
  • Donate the rest to a gardening enthusiast or community garden
  • Give a gift to the Earth (and your neighborhood) by placing the finished product around the plants in a public area.

But whatever you do, don't throw away what could benefit our ever eroding soils. Sustaining the soil - not just our own backyard soil - should be a community priority and home composting is the key!