Not just COmpost, Orin gives you a lot more!






16th August 2017

Not just Bangalore ORBIN has also made way for it in cities like Mumbai.




yours Honestly, Orbin !

Anjana Iyer

What’s a large pied wagtail in my backyard got to do with a compost bin ? Plenty ! You see I have always been a passionate composter. For years now I have experienced the pleasure of harvesting compost from my kitchen and garden waste. Now an Orbin has moved into my backyard. And the excitement has doubled as I can now harvest the liquid separately – the plants virtually shine with all that nutrition !


The presence of a compost bin invites earthworms too – beautiful earth friendly creatures. And where there are earthworms there are birds. Wagtails, sunbirds, bulbuls, munias and a whole lot more. My gated community is home to several species of birds, but they flock to my garden more because of the rich supply of worms in the soil.

 My garden always abounds with the elaborate singing of these beautiful birds. I am blessed.