I surprised my wife by gifting her Orbin composter as a Diwali gift ! What better gift for a enthusiastic and passionate gardener !! The nutrient rich compost and liquid now adds to the soil health keeping my garden flourishing and in bloom year long !

Mr. Prasad


I learn’t to maintain Orbin composter keeping the simple Do's and Dont's in mind. I check for Liquid nutrition regularly and collect the compost when ready. I have been a farmer and know the extraordinary benefits of a great compost !



I have been learning about pollution and its ill effects in school. I also learned how it was important to segregate waste and avoid aggregated waste reaching landfills that cause serious threat to environment. I am excited to use Orbin and feel proud for contributing in the Swachh Bharat drive !



I ordered Orbin for the value its compost is going to add to my beautiful garden ! The healthy plants and ever blooming flowers speak volumes of the dedication I put in maintaining my garden !

Ranu Bhattacharya


I am very passionate about environmental issues and have been an ardent animal lover. I am using Orbin to treat the organic waste generated at my home for a long time. I strongly believe in "Action speaks louder than words” when it comes to individual efforts towards a safer planet ! Our children deserve a better and healthier future, and they are watching and learning from us

Mr.Ashok(a naturalist and adventure sports enthusiast)

Orbin for Housekeeping.


Dr.Ryan Fernandes, Celebrity Nutritionist.


The house keeping staff, working tirelessly to keep our Apartments / Flats / Gated Communities / Enclaves or office spaces clean and hygienic are glad to use Orbin. Its hassle free process with minimal handling of waste saves time and effort plus allows an opportunity to handle waste in a simpler and respectable manner. We at One Hop Organics strongly believe that the house keeping staff deserve safer and convenient waste management solutions as they work with waste on daily basis.

Introducing Orbin To Community.