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Solutions to treat from 2 kg to 20 tons waste per day

Our featured Product

Orbin Solo

It is an aerobic home composter designed specifically for Indian households to treat fresh organic kitchen waste and plate leftover waste at source.

Orbin Solo Key Features:

  • Made of FRP material– Non-corrosive, rodent-proof & long-lasting sturdy structure
  • It can take 2 kg (Max) of waste input per day. The total holding capacity is 80 kg or 110 Litres.
  •  Requires 2×2 feet footprint area.
  • No power requirement. Orbin SOLO is not a machine.
  • Suitable for home, office cafeterias & small residential complexes.
orbin solo

Our Solutions

Composting Solution for every sector that comes across

orbin home

Home & Small Offices

Fresh organic waste generated in individual houses & small offices cafeterias can be composted at source, Orbin Solo can manage it effectively!

orbin multi storey

Apartment Complexes and Large Canteens

Apartment complexes and large canteens generate bulk waste that can be treated within the premises, this can be done easily by installing Orbin Stax unit in the area.

orbin food processor

Food Processing Companies

We provide consultation and solutions to help treat specific kind of organic waste generated in very high quantities, ensuring sustainable & effective management and high quality output ! 

Our featured Product

Orbin Stax

Orbin Stax is a revolutionary Multi-stage Aerobic community waste management composter. It is a thoughtfully designed product, that converts community waste into nutrient rich compost without any hassles. 

orbin stax

Our Projects

Multiple projects across cities all over India successfully managed keeping design and ease of operation in mind 

Project Kartavya

Ahilya By The Sea

Vajram Builders

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