Orbin™ Stax

Orbin™ Stax Key Features

orbin stax

Benefits Of Orbin Stax

Bulk waste management

480-500 kg of compost can be harvested easily in a cycle

Easy Process

Simple steps to follow- Can be operated without technical assistance

NO Power requirement

No mechanical or electrical power- compost is prepared using Enzymes

output/ Black Gold

100% organic compost to enrich your soil

orbin stax

What do we provide?

Precautions to take

Important Points to Note while using Orbin Stax


Pretreatment requisite

Well-segregated organic wet waste (Kitchen and plate leftovers)


Composting duration

30 to 40 days cycle


Moisture and odor-controlling

Using Composting Enzyme/accelerator along with Cocopith and Herbal Extract waste will keep the C & N ratio in check. 


Type and amount of input ratio

1:6 (Carbon to Nitrogen ratio, CN Ratio) Where 1 Kg of ready enzyme can treat 6 Kg of organic waste generated 

Frequently Asked Questions

Orbin Stax is used to treat wet waste in a sustainable manner in return for getting organic compost through it which can be used for organic farming. 

There are many reasons for choosing Orbin Stax:

  • Easy and simple Method
  • Low-cost bulk waste manager
  • Composting at an ease of comfort
  • Stylish look that goes well with your beautiful ambience
  • Environment friendly

The quantity of compost generated Is 40% of the total quantity added to the composter. So ideally, when 40 kg of waste is added per day for a month you can expect 480-500 kg of compost after 30-40 days cycle

Simply No. Once waste and enzymes are filled appropriately, rest is done all by the system.

Approximately 30-40 days of the cycle is required to treat waste and made compost out of it.

Note: It can vary according to the waste that needs to be treated and the accelerators used in it. 

One Orbin STAX requires a 5×5 feet footprint area (Some extra space to store enzymes and ready compost)

Yes, you can also treat non-vegetarian waste including bones, egg shells, etc. if mixed in an appropriate proportion. Also, special accelerators are used to treat them.

No, not every type of wet waste is treated. Our training program includes the segregation of wet waste that can be composted.

The compost tea or liquid nutrition that is generated due to the breakdown of wet waste is collected at the bottommost tray inside the system. A tap has been provided to collect the same.

Its liquid nutrition is brilliant for plant growth and health when sprayed on the leaves.