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We offer eco-friendly compostable solutions, ensuring cleanliness and convenience for a new era of sustainability.

At Orbin™ composting we provide end to end consultancy services for treating any type of Organic Waste. Since 2015  we have developed expertise to treat any type and any quantity of organic waste and convert the waste into compost. Our products & solutions are the use of science & design to make the process of composting easy and sustainable. Treating as less as 2kg per day to 20 tons of organic waste per day. Composting solutions are tailored based on the local conditions of the institution and the quantum/type of waste generated. We work with our customers to provide composting solutions that are practical, and sustainable, and create win-win situations for all stakeholders.

Solutions for Different Waste Streams

Organic Waste Management

Individual Households



Food Processing Industries

Industrial Canteens

Poultry &


Educational Institutions


Our Innovative Compost Converter Solution




Discover the effortless way to transform organic waste into nutrient rich compost.


With our cutting-edge Compost Converter, simply add your organic waste, mix the composting accelerator and watch as sustainable, ecofriendly compost is generated turning your kitchen scraps into valuable resource for a greener tomorrow.


Embrace a new era of eco-friendly waste disposal with our user-friendly compost converter – making composting as easy as 1-2-3!


What makes the entire process of waste management odorless and hassle free is the Orbin™ Composting Accelerator.


If Orbin™ OWC is considered as the hardware, then the enzyme Orbin™ Composting Accelerator is the software!


Made up of naturally occurring microbes which have been lab grown and are mixed with cocopeat (by-product of coconut fibre extraction) and other Carbon rich material like herbal extracts residue etc.

Our Vision

To build “at-source” composting products & solutions that are backed by science and superior design. We aim to continuously drive awareness for large scale adoption of composting across households and bulk waste generators with core objective of bringing back health to the soil.


Product Comparison


Delve into a concise product comparison, tailored for a 100-household composting setup. See how our Orbin™ STAX Organic Waste Converter (OWC) outshines the Electronic Organic Phase Converter, offering a sustainable solution for efficient waste management. Find clarity in the details below, guiding you towards the right choice for your composting journey


Parameter Orbin™ Stax – OWC Electric Organic Waste Converter
Number of Units required 2 Units 1 Unit
Capacity per unit 40kg per day 100kg per day
Fabricated or Manufactured Manufactured product. Uses Vacuum molding process for manufacturing individual parts. Long life assured Manufactured product. Uses motors and blades to process the waste. Requires regular maintenance
Material of product Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) – Corrosion proof, weather proof, does not need extra shelter Stainless steel & other metallic parts used. Requires shelter
Liquid/Leachate tray Inbuilt & concealed. Prevents any odor caused due to leachate. Has tap to let out the leachate Not applicable. Uses electricity to dry out the leachate
Price for 100 household set up INR 3.2 lakhs(including tax) 1INR 5.5 lakhs and above
Running cost Rs60-75 per household for enzyme premix Rs10,000/- on electricity charges per month + Approx. 10% AMC (INR 60 lakh per annum)
Area required 80sqft. Vertical design advantage 350sqft covered space. Space is required for curing the waste that comes of OWC in crates
Labor requirement Maximum time required: 30min for 1 labor
Activities involved:

  • Mixing of waste with enzymes
  • Dumping the mix into Orbin Stax


Time required: 4-6hours for 1 skilled labor
Activities involved:

  • Looking for metal parts in the waste. Small metal parts can damage OWC
  • Add waste in batch of 5kg each into the OWC
  • If any waste gets stuck during adding, then remove the same
  • Add enzyme into the waste
  • After processing for 1 hour, remove the mix and put in the curing crates
  • Take the filled curing crates to storage point