We at Orbin™ Composting provide end-to-end consultancy services for treating any type of organic waste. Our dedicated team ensures sustainable and innovative waste management solutions.


These project stands testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in waste management, showcasing our expertise in transforming organic waste into valuable resources.


Explore our portfolio to witness tailored solutions in sectors like, Apartment Complex, Household, Food Processing Industries, Poultry & Hatchery, Educational Institution and Industrial Canteens.

Kitchen Waste Composting for Apartments & Villa Communities 


Discover the widespread adoption of Orbin™ Stax across diverse living spaces. Our product has earned the trust of residents in apartments , along with villas. Explore the satisfaction of these happy customers through an array of photos capturing the seamless integration of Orbin™ Stax in their homes.


Apartment organic waste management


Large scale municipal waste composting


We have been at the forefront of sustainable waste management, our dedicated organic waste composting solutions have successfully treated 3 tons of waste daily, showcasing our commitment to environmental stewardship and contributing to the municipality’s ongoing efforts for a cleaner and greener community.


Municipal organic waste treatment

Coffee Husk & ETP Sludge Composting


We’ve successfully transformed ETP sludge from coffee production into nutrient-rich compost. Our innovative approach employs an efficient Orbin™ Silo AR1100 system, ensuring the sustainable conversion of coffee waste into compost, contributing to both environmental conservation and agricultural enhancement


Coffee husk waste treatment

Coffee waste management


Bulk waste treatment for Food processing industries


We proudly showcase a narrative of environmental stewardship. Witness our intricate waste-to-compost process—a harmonious dance of technology and eco-conscious practices. Each frame echoes our dedication to transforming waste into a resource, weaving a narrative of environmental responsibility that defines our collective journey.


Food processing industry waste treatment

Compost generated from Bulk food processing waste


Industrial Canteen waste composting


Revolutionizing canteen waste management, our innovative solutions prioritize sustainability and efficiency. We implement strategic practices to minimize waste generation, optimize recycling efforts, and promote responsible disposal. Through tailored programs, we ensure a seamless and eco-friendly canteen experience, fostering a commitment to environmental well-being in every dining encounter. Join us in creating a greener, cleaner future—one meal at a time.


Canteen waste treatment



Landscape and Educational Institute waste composting


Elevating both the aesthetics of landscapes and the educational experience, our waste management solutions stand at the forefront of sustainable practices. We seamlessly integrate eco-conscious strategies into educational settings, ensuring that the beauty of the surroundings aligns with a commitment to responsible waste disposal. From classrooms to outdoor spaces, our initiatives focus on reducing waste, promoting recycling, and cultivating an environmentally conscious atmosphere. Join us in sculpting a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing future, where education and the environment coexist harmoniously.



Educational institute waste treatment


Poultry and hatchery waste treatment


Leading the way in eco-conscious solutions, we specialize in treating waste from hatchery and poultry operations. Our expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries, with a notable track record in providing tailored waste treatment solutions. Over the years, our effective practices demonstrate a commitment to sustainability in diverse agricultural and food processing sectors


Hatchery waste management

Poultry waste treatment