We at Orbin™ Composting provide end-to-end consultancy services for treating any type of organic waste. Our dedicated team ensures sustainable and innovative waste management solutions.


These projects stand testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in waste management, showcasing our expertise in transforming organic waste into valuable resources.


Explore our portfolio to witness tailored solutions of waste management for Apartment complexes, Individual households, Food processing industries, Poultries and Hatcheries, Educational Institutions and Industrial Canteens.

Kitchen Waste Composting for Apartments &
Villa Communities 


Discover the widespread adoption of Orbin™ Eco-OWC across diverse living spaces. Our product has earned the trust of residents in individual households, apartment communities , along with villas. Explore an array of photos capturing the seamless integration of Orbin™ Eco-OWC in households and apartment communities.

Composting-Kitchen waste
Apartment organic waste management


Large scale municipal waste composting


We are proud to be pioneers in sustainable waste management, especially with our focus on composting municipal organic waste. Every day, our dedicated solutions help convert 3 tons of waste into valuable compost, showing our commitment to environmental responsibility. Our efforts align with the municipality’s goal of creating a cleaner, greener community, and we’re honored to play a part in that mission.

Municipal organic waste treatment

Coffee Husk & ETP Sludge Composting


We’ve successfully transformed ETP sludge from coffee production into nutrient-rich compost. Our innovative approach employs an efficient Orbin™ Eco-OWC system, ensuring the sustainable conversion of coffee waste into compost containing high NPK ratio, contributing to environmental

Coffee husk waste treatment
Coffee waste management

Bulk waste treatment for Food processing


Our intricate system seamlessly blends technology with eco-friendly practices, showcasing our dedication to transforming tons of vegetable waste from bulk food processing industries into nutrient-rich compost. Each step of our process reflects our mission to turn waste into a valuable resource, weaving a narrative of environmental responsibility that defines our journey towards sustainability.

Food processing industry waste treatment
Compost generated from Bulk food processing waste


Industrial Canteen waste composting


Revamping canteen waste management, our solutions in industrial canteens are turning everyday organic waste from office canteens into compost instead of sending it to landfills. With our approach, we’re making sure every meal leaves a positive impact on the environment.

Organic waste convertor for canteen


Landscape and Educational Institute waste composting


Handling waste from landscapes and educational institutes, We’re turning organic waste from gardens and educational institutes into compost instead of letting it go to waste. Whether it’s green waste or leaf litters from gardens or food scraps from school canteens, we’re dedicated to recycling and creating compost that enriches the soil.


Poultry and hatchery waste


Leading the way in eco-conscious solutions, we specialize in treating waste from hatchery and poultry operations. Our solutions are unique and personalized to fit each situation perfectly. From start to finish, we’re dedicated to making sure that our methods support a healthier environment for everyone.