Orbin™ Solo – Household Organic Waste Composting

About Orbin™ Solo :

  • An aerobic home composter designed specifically for Indian households to treat organic kitchen waste and plate left over waste at source.  This is an enzyme based composting system
  • It can take 2 kg (Max) waste input per day. Total holding capacity is 80 kg or 110 Liter’s
  • Requires 2×2 feet foot print area

Advantages :

  • Odorless organic waste composting
  • Corrosion proof design
  • No churning or turning required
  • No electricity required
  • Portable and easy to move around with wheels
  • Easy removal of compost from the base
  • Liquid nutrient gets collected in bottom pit
  • Just install it & use it without hassles of equipment down time.

Use Cases :

  • Suitable for households to treat kitchen waste like vegetables/fruit waste, egg shells/bones, left over food etc.