Orbin™ Silo AR3200 – OWC & Curing SILO

About Orbin™ Silo AR3200 Kitchen waste Composter :

  • It’s a large capacity holding silo that can be used for kitchen waste composting and curing of compost within the same unit.
  • As a composter for kitchen waste, the Orbin silo Composter can be filled with shredded kitchen waste and mixed with Orbin™ composting media. With excellent 360-degree aeration, the composting happens faster when compared to other static pile systems.
  • The most important use of the Orbin™ Silo is the labour-friendly nature of the removal of compost. The entire outer cover can be removed by unscrewing 6 screws and compost can be harvested.
  • For treating kitchen waste, the Orbin™ Silo should be placed on the concrete surface.


  • Holding Capacity: 3200-litre /2400kg
  • Dimension: 6 feet diameter, 4 feet height
  • Material: FRP and Vulcanised HDPE(Non-corrosive material)
  • No Electricity required
  • Odourless composting, cost effective and requires minimal maintenance

Use Case : Office Canteens, Apartment & Villa Communities