Orbin™ Silo AR750 – Curing Silo

About Orbin™ Silo AR1100 :

  • It is a large capacity holding silo that can be used for kitchen waste composting, curing of compost, or leaf litter composter.
  • There are two phases to the composting process using a type of OWC. The first one involves the thermophilic phase where the temperature of the composting heap increases and the breakdown of organic compounds happens. This happens in the Orbin Stax unit in our case.
  • Subsequently, the semi-compost is removed and put for the curing process in the Orbin™ Silo AR750
  • Orbin™ Curing Silo provides all-round aeration for the mesophilic phase of composting. Any undigested matter is digested and converted into nutrient-rich compost
  • The most important USP of the Orbin™ Silo is the labor-friendly nature of removal of compost. The entire outer cover can be removed by unscrewing 6 screws and compost can be harvested.
  • For curing kitchen waste, the Orbin™ Silo should be placed on the concrete surface. However, for leaf composting, the silo can be kept directly on the soil.
  • Total holding capacity of one unit is 750 litres

Use Cases :

  • This is useful as a curing silo for both mechanical and manual OWCs. The entire Silo is made out of non-corrosive material and can hold large quantities of waste during the curing stage.

As leaf composter :

  • Orbin™ Silo can be used as a leaf litter composter. The leaves are put into the composter along with composting enzymes / bulking material which breaks down the leaves and converts them into leaf compost.