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Orbin™ Solo

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Orbin™ Solo

Orbin Solo is an aerobic home composter designed specifically for Indian households to treat fresh organic kitchen waste and plate left over waste at source. 

orbin solo
Simple to use

3-Step Process

Add Organic Waste
Cover with enzyme powder
Periodically Harvest Compost

Suitable For


A family of 4-6 generating maximum organic waste upto 2 kgs

Office cafeterias

Small offices generating organic waste like tea coffee grounds and packed lunch boxes left overs or fruit waste can treat waste at source

Small residential complexes

Multiple Solo units can help treat waste generated on different floors. Monthly compost generated can be used to grow small vegetable garden and flower beds !

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"Simple and Easy Solution to compost Kitchen Waste"
Chaitra Mukund
Environmentalist & Activists
"Fresh compost for my terrace garden & in return, safe & nutritious produce! "
Dr. Ryan Fernandez
Celebrity Sports Nutritionist & RJ