Orbin™ Stax Key Features:

  • World’s first multi-stage aerated vertical composter. Uses the least space when compared to any other bulk composter in the market
  • 1 Orbin STAX unit can take 40 kg of wet waste per day (This includes the enzymes added)
  • Total holding capacity of one unit is 1,200 kgs of waste during the composting cycle Area required to keep one Stax is approx. 25 sqft.
  • Has stainless steel aeration mesh which ensures maximum aeration and is rodent-proof
  • Corrosion-proof design
  • Fully maintenance-free equipment. Just install it & use it without the hassles of equipment downtime.
  • For large quantities of waste treatment, a bio floc air blower is connected which helps in forced aeration into the unit. This will help in reducing moisture levels inside the Orbin Stax unit.
  • Use Cases – Suitable for apartment complexes, industrial canteens, and cafeterias to treat kitchen waste like vegetables/fruit waste, egg shells/bones, leftover food, etc