OWCs offer promising solutions for managing organic waste directly at the source, but there are several misconceptions surrounding their effectiveness and practicality. In this blog post, we’ll debunk common myths about OWCs and provide factual information to help you better understand their benefits.

OWCs are Expensive to Install and Maintain

One common myth about OWCs is that they are expensive to install and maintain. However, there are various types of OWCs available, including cost-effective options suitable for different budgets. In fact, investing in an OWC can lead to long-term savings by reducing waste disposal fees and even generating revenue from selling compost produced by the system. Our superior design easy composting Orbin Eco-OWC offers a cost-effective product and solution for waste treatment. The annual maintenance cost is also minimal, making it a financially sound investment for organizations of all sizes. Orbin Eco-OWC operates without electricity and high temperatures, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for organic waste management

OWCs Produce Foul Odours

Through our expertise, we’ve observed that many OWCs may produce foul odors due to various factors, such as an imbalance in the carbon and nitrogen ratio, inadequate aeration conditions, exposure of waste to high temperatures, and more. Over time, we have accumulated invaluable knowledge and expertise through extensive research and hands-on experience and providing the necessary requirements for odorless composting processes. This experience has allowed us to develop our Orbin Eco-OWC, ensuring a pleasant and guaranteed odour-free composting experience for users and surrounding areas.

OWCs Are Complex and Require Specialized Training

Our Orbin Eco-OWC can be managed by any existing worker onsite. Composting with our system is as straightforward as mixing the waste with the absorbent media and adding it to the OWC. That’s it! After just 30 days, high-quality compost will be ready to be harvested. This simplicity makes the Orbin Eco-OWC accessible to all, eliminating the need for extensive training and specialized skills.

OWCs Are Inefficient and Do Not Produce Quality Compost

The Orbin Eco-OWC harnesses microbial actions in an aerobic composting process without the need for electricity, shredding, or high temperatures. Our system utilizes the Orbin composting enzyme premix, which not only acts as an absorbent, maintaining the necessary carbon ratio and moisture levels but also facilitates controlled aerobic composting. The result? High-quality compost that has undergone rigorous lab testing to ensure its quality and effectiveness. With the Orbin Eco-OWC, inefficiency is a myth of the past.

OWCs Are Only Suitable for Large-Scale Operations

Some believe that OWCs are only practical for large-scale operations and are not suitable for smaller settings. However, Orbin Eco-OWC has been successfully implemented in various environments, including households, businesses, and communities of all sizes. The scalability allows it to be customized to meet the needs of different users, debunking this myth.

If you’re interested in learning more about Orbin Eco-OWC and how they can benefit your organization or community, contact us today! Our team is here to provide additional information and assistance to help you explore the possibilities for your waste management needs. Let’s work together to make a positive impact on the environment with On-Site Organic Waste Converters!

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