In this blog, we’ll explore a straightforward method for composting kitchen waste in apartments. If you’ve struggled with various OWCs (Organic Waste Converters) without success, fear not – we have the solution for you. Drawing from our extensive experience, we’ve addressed common issues found in other market products. Our solution guarantees a 100% success rate, free from concerns such as odour, flies, rodents, and the need for skilled labor.

Our OWC provides two composting methods:  Orbin STAX, and Orbin SILO. Both are used for composting kitchen waste, but they differ in how they are used.

If you’re seeking a simple solution where kitchen waste can be easily mixed with enzymes to compost effortlessly with minimal effort from staff, Orbin STAX is the perfect choice. Simply mix the kitchen waste with enzymes, add it to Orbin STAX, and in 25 to 30 days, you can harvest compost suitable for greening your apartment communities. For finer particles, curing with Orbin SILO is recommended. Transfer the compost from Orbin STAX to Orbin SILO for a 20-day curing process. The resulting compost resembles black in colour, rich in essential nutrients for healthier plant growth. This entire composting process operates without electricity, facilitated by beneficial aerobic bacteria.

The alternative method involves using Orbin SILO, where composting and curing occur within the same unit. Here, collected kitchen waste needs to be shredded, mixed with enzymes, and transferred into Orbin SILO. Within 30 days, the compost can be harvested and utilized in landscaping. Each filled Orbin SILO produces approximately 1 ton of compost. Another advantage of Orbin SILO is its scalability, tailored to fit the available space and quantity of kitchen waste.

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In conclusion, whether you opt for the user-friendly Orbin STAX or the versatile Orbin SILO, our solutions offer efficient and odor-free composting of kitchen waste right within your apartment community. With minimal effort and without the need for electricity, you can produce nutrient-rich compost that enhances your surroundings and promotes sustainable living. Take the first step towards greener practices today with our innovative composting solutions. For more information or to get started contact us directly.