To comprehend why odour and maggot issues arise in mechanical OWC systems, it’s necessary to understand how these systems operate.

With one laborer overseeing waste treatment daily, the process involves several manual tasks such as segregation of waste, a crucial step aimed at inspecting for any non-organic materials such as metals, plastic, or threads. Following this, the waste is added into the mechanical OWC. Subsequently, waste is initially shredded, mixed, and subjected to high temperatures, essentially undergoing a cooking consuming electricity during the entire process of waste treatment. However, despite expectations for the output to be semi-decomposed compost, it often results in undigested and dehydrated waste which emits odour and when this is then transferred for curing to crates tends to attract flies due to its unprocessed nature. 

The reason for the odor in Mechanical OWC is due to imbalance of the C:N ratio before starting with the waste treatment. The process in Mechanical OWC is more of dehydrating and exposing the waste to high temperatures . This is the reason for odour and flies issues

This entire waste treatment process requires up to 8 hours of labor for a single worker per day.

What sets Orbin™ Eco-OWC solutions apart is the unique functionality:

In the case of Orbin™ Eco-OWC, the process is streamlined and user-friendly. Composting using microbial action, no electricity required. With just one laborer managing waste treatment daily, the steps involve waste segregation, shredding (optional), and adding the waste into the Orbin™ Eco-OWC, followed by the use of absorbent material, the Orbin™ Composting enzyme premix. Making composting as easy as 1-2-3.   This cycle is repeated daily, the compost is ready for harvesting by 30 days. The harvested compost can then be loaded into a tractor trailer and transported for use in landscaping purposes.

What makes the entire process of waste management odourless and hassle free is the Orbin™ Composting Accelerator. If Orbin™ Eco-OWC is considered as the hardware, then the enzyme Orbin™ Composting Accelerator is the software. Made up of naturally occurring microbes which have been lab grown and are mixed with cocopeat (by-product of coconut fibre extraction) and other Carbon rich material like herbal extracts residue etc, ensuring the correct balance of Carbon and Nitrogen ratios in waste treatment to maintain an odor-free process.

During the natural decomposition process inside the Orbin ECO-OWC, the temperature rises to around 55 degrees Celsius due to microbial activity. This prevents flies or rodents from being attracted to the unit.

This entire waste treatment process requires up to 1 hour of labor for a single worker per day