Orbin™ Waste Management Solutions

ORBIN™ revolutionizes waste management, expertly converting all types of organic waste into nutrient-rich compost. Our waste management solutions ensure a seamless and user-friendly approach to handle the entire Waste to Value transformation process.

Scalable Solutions

ORBIN™ Composting has provided solutions to treat 2kg to 20 metric tonnes of organic waste treatment per day.

Turnkey Projects

We provide end-to-end turnkey solutions for organic waste management projects which includes consultancy, design, project management and implementation.

Proven Track Record

With over 7500 metric tonnes per annum of commissioned organic waste treatment capacity, we have proven track record of executing large waste management projects.

Organic waste treatment

Backed by Innovation

With our patented ‘one-way continuous flow process’ of organic waste treatment we have brought innovative products and solutions.

Superior by Design

Keeping the design principles in mind, we provide consultation and products, suitable for effective and accelerated waste treatment.

Subject Matter Expertise

Trust in our time-proven solutions at Orbin Composting, where reliability and efficiency converge to deliver consistent results in sustainable waste management.

Orbin™ Composting Has Implemented Solutions For:
Organic waste composting
Individual Households
Convert organic waste to compost
Apartment Communities & Institutions
Bulk waste management
Organic bin for waste treatment
Food Processing


Transformation Unveiled

Step into a world where daily generated waste becomes a resource, not a burden. Our innovative waste management solution seamlessly processes your daily waste, converting it into nutrient-rich compost. This organic gold enhances soil health, providing a fertile foundation for growing a diverse range of plants. Embrace sustainable living as you effortlessly turn your waste into a valuable asset, cultivating a vibrant and eco-friendly environment right at your fingertips. Join us on this journey to transform waste into growth, making every day a step towards a greener, more sustainable future.

From Waste To Growing Food

Repurposing organic waste generated daily to create nutrient-rich soil is a sustainable practice for cultivating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and greens. Adding compost to the soil enriches it with essential nutrients, providing plants with the nutrition they need to thrive. This approach fosters self-sufficient food production while minimizing waste.

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Compost vs Biogas: Why Composting Takes the Lead

Explore the benefits of compost compared to biogas for different types of organic waste, offering sustainable solutions for a healthier environment.

Organic waste treatment
  • Versatile Waste Processing
    • Composting handles any organic waste, providing an all-encompassing solution, while biogas is limited to specific, calorie-rich materials.
  • Low-Maintenance Efficiency
    • Composting boasts a simplified process with minimal maintenance, avoiding challenges like scaling experienced in biogas systems. Also the bio-gas sludge that gets generated as by-product has to be further treated and disposed of safely.
  • Consistent Output and Tonnage
    • Composting efficiently transforms the daily waste generated into substantial tons of nutrient-rich compost annually, ensuring a reliable and valuable resource for various applications. In contrast, biogas generation might have variable output depending on the availability and composition of calorie-rich materials, potentially leading  to fluctuations in energy production.
  • Greener Environmental Impact
    • Composting reduces emissions associated with waste transportation, contributing significantly to an eco-friendlier environment compared to biogas solutions.
  • Carbon Sequestration and Emission Impact
    • Composting contributes to increased soil carbon levels, enhancing soil health and fostering carbon sequestration. In contrast, opting for biogas may lead to increased carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, contributing to environmental challenges.

At ORBIN™ Composting

Our mission is to build “at-source” composting products & solutions that are backed by science and superior design. We aim to continuously drive awareness for large scale adoption of composting across households and bulk waste generators with core objective of bringing back health to the soil


We at Orbin™ specialise in treating any type and any quantity of organic waste and convert the waste into nutrient-rich compost. Over time, we have developed a body of knowledge and are captured in these blog posts.

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